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  • Tech Explained - Philips' well-being sensors

    Tech Explained - Philips' well-being sensors

    4 March 2014, 10:00

    Improving the user experience by using technology.

  • Tech Explained - How monitors work (AOC)

    Tech Explained - How monitors work (AOC)

    20 January 2014, 12:00

    Not all screens are equal.

  • Tech Explained - Nvidia G-Sync

    Tech Explained - Nvidia G-Sync

    29 November 2013, 09:00

    Set to revolutionise gaming.

  • Tech Explained - 4K Monitors

    Tech Explained - 4K Monitors

    19 July 2013, 16:42

    The fundamental workings of the next-gen resolution.

  • Touchscreen input on the PC

    9 July 2009, 00:00

    This HEXUS.help guide briefly explains how touchscreens work, and why you may find yourself using a touchscreen PC in the near future.

  • LCD Monitors

    21 October 2008, 00:00

    The purpose of this HEXUS.help guide is to provide a basic understanding of how LCDs work, delineate their desirable features, and to offer basic buying advice.

  • DVI

    20 October 2008, 00:00

    Do you know how DVI works? This HEXUS.help guide seeks to teach you how.

  • DVI, HDMI and HDCP

    14 June 2008, 00:00

    There’s a lot more to High Definition than just having the ability to run your screen at the right resolution.

  • DVI: Single and dual link

    26 June 2006, 10:58

    Most high quality LCD monitors now feature a Digital Video Interface (DVI), negating the need for image position and geometry adjustment, because the signal being sent to the monitor is ...