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Apple drops '4G' from the iPad 3's international title

by Alistair Lowe on 14 May 2012, 10:25

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Several months back, we reported on the iPad 4G's inability to function in 4G outside of the US and Canada, with standards organisations from several governments making legal filings against Apple for its misleading advertising.

It now seems that, rather than fighting a losing battle, Apple has opted to simply rename its iPad 4G once and for all, with, in several countries, the device now rather descriptively named the iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular. Lacking the appealing ring of '4G', we wonder, if at all, Apple's decision will have an impact on sales of the tablet.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular

With any luck, this move will prompt the firm to push forwards on a release later this year that includes support for the spectrums adopted and, to-be-adopted, by countries outside of the North American continent; not that the UK is any closer to a 4G roll-out in the meantime.

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WiFi + Cellular. Ouch. About time that Apple backed down.
This is going to work in favour of Apple… the public are going to see this instore after purchasing their Ipad 4G recently and think… OMG theres a new ipad! Must have!!!!!.

And yet they still list ‘ultra-fast wireless’ as one of the key features on the UK homepage. Not exactly bending over backwards to make things clear for consumers then…
Hopefully this is the start of apple cleaning up there adverts.
I have noticed on the latest iCloud advert that it claims

“Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud”

But in the small print of the advert it says ‘wifi required’ last time I checked wifi wasn't ‘Everywhere’
The reality distortion device lives on!