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QOTW: What do you make of the 2018 iPhones?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 14 September 2018, 16:31

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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You will no doubt have seen Apple do its thing and release an updated version of iOS and, of course, a number of new handsets this week. There's the 5.8in iPhone XS that's designed to replace last year's flagship, the XS Max outfitted with a 6.5in screen, and the XR, a 6.1in model outfitted with a lower-resolution screen and single rear 12MP camera.

All these new iPhone X models build upon the iPhone X design of last year and are based around Apple's impressive-sounding, 7nm A12 Bionic SoC. This new SoC is claimed to be up to 15 per cent faster than the A11 Bionic and uses 50 per cent less power for CPU tasks, and it is up to 50 per cent faster than the A11 Bionic in GPU tasks.

Meanwhile the Apple-designed Neural Engine introduced in the A11 Bionic has grown from two to eight cores and Core ML runs up to 9x faster, crunching up to 5 trillion operations per second (the A11 Bionic could process 600 billion operations per second, said Apple.) The new Neural Engine works alongside an enhanced ISP to deliver imaging features such as smart HDR, expressive Memoji, and front and rear camera AR experiences. Lots of tech talk.

All good stuff, right? And you can easily compare them right over here. However, what we are interested in is what do you make of the 2018 iPhones?

As good as expected? Better? Worse? Couldn't care less? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments facility below.

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Indifferent. My phone coming up to two years old, so I won't be looking to replace it for at least anther two or three years at least.
Typical Apple products. Expensive and nothing innovative and now too big for most handbags!

Didn't Jobs have unfavourable opinions about large phones?
Meh. But then any new phone: Meh.

We've reached peak useful new features, I think.
Apparently from the other iPhone thread,$400 is low end phone money and no one can challenge that.
Basically when it was announced I was like…
Whatever happened to ‘one handed use’ they kept going on about…some people might actually still want a small phone

they've finally caught up with most high end android phones then when they said about water proofing.
Why the different screen resolutions at those prices…
oh look more stupid naming to disguise the fact the £750 phone comes with a 6.1 inch display that's barely higher in resolution (1792x828) than most sub £100 phones which come with 720p displays, hell you can get screen resolution of 1080 x 2160p on a Honor 9 lite for £150…

Basically, if people pay these prices they want their head examined, NO phone is worth the prices they're charging for them imo, the hardware isn't all that impressive in all honesty either