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Cheggars to bare all online

by Steven Williamson on 8 November 2007, 10:51

Tags: Cheggars Party Quiz, Oxygen Interactive, PC, PS2, Wii, Simulation

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Naked online with Cheggars

British TV Presenter Keith Chegwin has today revealed that he'll be laying himself bare in a number of cheeky podcasts that will tie-in with the release of Cheggars Party Quiz on PC and PS2.

The loveable legend will be taking time out in between his visits to the country's council estates for GMTV's cash giveaways to bring us his own unique take on life's issues and tell us about his love of videogames from the comfort of his own recording studio.

The first podcast will launch on November 14th followed by weekly episodes up until Christmas and can be downloaded from iTunes or the Oxygen website.

Keith Chegwin, podcaster and virtual star of Cheggers Party Quiz, said: “It’s Cheggers here, coming to you almost live from my recording studio. With the winter drawing in, I’ve come up with the perfect solution to brightening up your early morning commute... me! Well, me in my first ever podcast that is.”

The Wii version of Cheggars Party Quiz is due for release in November. Can't wait.

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Norwegian Blue. Beautiful plumage.
Eeewwww…. :puke:
i got his autograph from saturday superstore if any wants to buy it :)
i got his autograph from saturday superstore if any wants to buy it :)

I'll swop it for a jelly bean that I found down the side of my sofa?
i think.. i am about to regurgitate my breakfast…..