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Microsoft Flight Simulator adding the Reno Air Races

by Mark Tyson on 25 August 2021, 13:11

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Simulation

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Gamescom 2021 has started and there have already been lots of announcements from a wide range of developers, covering many modern platforms. For PC gamers, some of the most interesting or even exciting announcements are from Microsoft and its growing stable of development studios. The Xbox Wire has provided a summary of announcements from Microsoft revealed at this important annual gaming show. Among the highlights were segments about Forza Horizon 5, Age of Empires IV, Sea of Thieves, Wasteland 3, Dying Light 2, Crusader Kings III, and the news that cloud gaming is coming to Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in time for Xmas.

The other big news is that, to celebrate Gamescom, Microsoft has announced "several exciting updates coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator". The update news for MSFS can be neatly divided into four, and these updates include; the arrival of World Update VI, the introduction of Local Legend I: Junkers JU-52, the introduction of the Volocopter, and competitive air racing debuting via the Reno Air Races event. These updates will not all be delivered together, but as and when they are ready, before 2021 is out.

As with previous World Updates for MSFS, this one delivers new aerial imagery, high-resolution elevation maps, and points of interest - covering certain targeted regions. With World Update VI the regions getting the welcome attention are Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. For sure there are going to be some beautiful mountain views delivered in the update, as well as more detailed airport data covering the likes of Lübeck, Stuttgart, Klagenfurt and St. Gallen.

A new introduction with the update delivery is of an aeroplane category called Local Legends. The first such introduction is of the Junkers JU-52, which is known colloquially as 'Tante JU' or 'Aunt JU' in Germany. To get this model and its handling right, Asobo used high-res scans and consulted Junkers engineers and pilots.

We also hear that MSFS is going to be introducing helicopters. To ease into this, the sim developers are starting with adding the Volocopter, a German eVTOL air taxi used for metropolitan flights.

Last but not least, the Xbox Wire blog says that the addition of Reno Air Races to MSFS is the title's "first major expansion," for simmers. Coming this autumn, MSFS flyers will be able to race against their friends or pilots from around the world, with the addition of competitive multiplayer to the sim.

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I hope the expand the air races, being able to recreate the 20s-30 Schneider Trophy would be fun!
Really please to see a helicopter is being added! I've only used FS to fly over some areas I know and enjoy the views but it can be really hard to figure out where you are while moving. A helicopter should make sight seeing a lot easier.

It really is a gorgeous game on my series X - Its the first game where I've had to remind myself its not the real world. To be honest I've only really lost immersion when crash landing on my street and noticing all the houses are just a generic ‘UK’ style - from 1000 foot+ you just can't tell and spotting local land marks and geography is good fun and a lot better experience than Google earth.
Yes glad a helicopter is coming, I keep trying to see my house but fly past it too fast and have crashed into it a couple of times ! :undecided
One day I'll have a GPU that can run this game. Until then I'm just enjoying everyone else's videos :)
This game just gets better and better - big boost to the fluidity at 4k on PC with the last big monthly release around the start of August ‘21.

The Top Gun / Maverick add-on content is also due in the autumn, coinciding with the movie release. Should be great fun exploring the vast FlightSim world in a seriously fast fighter jet and I really hope this DLC unlocks some cool multiplayer combat experiences as well… it’ll really broaden the appeal of the sim to another kind of audience.