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In-Car Entertainment On Your GBA

by Steven Williamson on 5 January 2006, 09:26

Tags: Nintendo (TYO:7974)

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GBA On The Road

Nintendo Insider has given us a sneak preview of an announcment that will follow later today at CES 2006. It's the Game Boy Advance In-Car Entertainment system. You can pick yourselves up off the floor from the shock now.

The console will have a 10.2in display and play CDs, DVDs and even the Game Boy Advance cartridges. The coolest thing about the system is that it is detachable, so it can be removed when parking in those dodgy council car parks.

According to the website it includes" infrared headphones - offering wireless convenience for passengers, auxiliary jacks, a 6-pin serial port and, a side loading game slot. The device also integrates to the vehicle network and can be commanded and controlled by the driver."

We'll put some pictures up as soon as they become available.

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