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Razer brings Sixense motion control to PC gamers

by Parm Mann on 11 January 2010, 02:35

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Like them or not, motion-sensing game controllers are here to stay, and in addition to the Wii Controller, the PlayStation 3 Wands and the Xbox 360's Project Natal, PC gamers will soon be getting in on the act thanks to the latest peripheral from Razer.

Dubbed tentatively the Razer Sixense Ultra Precise Motion Controller, the device has been shown off at CES 2010 and looks set to add another dimension to PC gaming. Using Sixense TrueMotion technology, the peripheral consists of remote-like controllers that are tracked by a low-power magnetic field that determines both the position and rotation.

By using a magnetic field, Sixense's TrueMotion technology doesn't rely on line-of-sight and promises tracking precision to 1mm and ultra-low-latency feedback.

With the ability to detect movement along six axis, the control mechanism is showing potential for both creative and gaming use. In terms of gaming, the controller has already already been given the backing of major developers such as iD and Valve, with the latter already stating that it plans to utilise TruMotion technology in its "future game designs".

But don't get carried away just yet, Razer's controller is still a work in progress, and there's no mention of potential pricing. The good news is that we're told the peripheral will be in stores before the end of the year.

Want to see it in action? Here's Sixense CTO and chief architect Jeff Bellinghausen showing off exactly what the product can do:

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I've always been a fan of Razer and have always used there gear for gaming, this is getting my very excited although for example when i'm playing left4dead I like to use specific buttons on my keyboard to binds rather then flicking through objects.

From what I can see they need to incorporate more buttons into the device, but i'm loving the idea and can't wait to test it out!!
The technology looked pretty precise and accurate based on the tech demo, but I'm still a bit sceptical about the application of them in the PC context. Although there are more PCs in the the living room due to HTPCs etc aren't most going to be on desks etc, where space is fairly confined once you sit down? And lets face it, I cant see it being applied to most games where a KB&M are sufficient (and in many peoples opinions better).

However, if the games are brought out to support the tech in the proper manner, then this could be great - would love a boxing game based around this!

Been waiting for something like this for a while, thanks for the info.
Always used Razer mice up untill my 6th and absolute final Razer mouse died in the exact way the previous 5 did, not touching another with a barge pole!
So yeah.. don't hold much hope for Razer products anymore personally.