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Philips amBX takes one step closer to smell technology in games

by Steven Williamson on 6 March 2008, 16:17

Tags: Philips (AMS:PHIA)

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Burning rubber, smoke and gunpowder are just some of the smells that we can look forward to

Philips introduced its amBX range back in 2005 - a group of interlocking technologies that it hopes will revolutionise the gaming experience and extend the gaming world out of the screen and into the real world. Now, Philips is preparing to add 'smell-o-vision' to the mix.

The initial amBX experience took us a step towards a full 'sensory surround experience' through colour, sound, rumble and even an air flow-enabled device.

Over the next year, Philips is looking to step up the amBX experience by introducing smell and heat technology to really make us feel the games that we are playing.

For some gamers, the amBX effect at CeBIT was a little too relaxing

The senior director of program management at amBX told HEXUS.gaming that, 'Tests are being carried out to tweak the smell technology. At the moment we can can produce the smells - but we're still working on getting rid of them'.

The last you thing you want is the smell of gun powder lingering around your room, eh? Philips believes that is is getting very close to mastering the smell-technology device.

Burning rubber, smoke and gunpowder are just some of the smells that we can look forward to shortly.

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You REALLY don't want to be playing Stubbs or The Typing of The Dead if they actually get it to work, though, do you…?
rotting corpses, that would be nice
I canny really think of any games that I would like to smell to be honest.
leisure suit larry, will that have smell o vision?
sonic - sweaty hedgehog, smells like twiglets (i smelt one once.)
duke3d - the video where he says “i'm gonna rip off your head and poop down your neck”, then you hear him doing it, might be nice to smell it, add to the atmosphere and such..
Well, this is actually available for purchase TODAY.

Using advanced AI for recognition of in-game scenes, you can hook up a smoke (or scented smoke) device to an innovative and flexible ambient light and effects system.

Check this out more at a-r-e.nl