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Sexy Siren range aims to attract female gamers; it's not pink either

by Steven Williamson on 3 March 2008, 20:43

Tags: Cyber eSport

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We'll be meeting up with Cyber Esport later in the week to see its new range of gaming peripherals but as we stumbled over the boxes being unpacked prior to the opening of CeBIT, something sexy caught our eye.

The Siren range is aimed at female gamers and casual female PC users. Already we've spotted dozens of peripherals aimed at the fairer sex but most of them merely involve changing the colour of existing products to pink.

Cyber Esport is unleashing its new range on CeBIT to gauge the reaction. With the help of the female eye, it's designed a selection of peripherals, including a mouse, keyboard and mouse mat.

The products currently on show aren't gaming mice or gaming keyboards and appear to be more like lifestyle products but Cyber Esport say that it'll be developing the range after the initial launch.

And, upon launch they’ll be available in a variety of finishes. Beats all-pink, eh ladies?

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Mmmh… loving that range.

bit naff really… (so says the missus)
Are these aimed at 12 year old girls then?

Bloody hell they're horrible.