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Cyba Snipa has a Stinger in its tail

by Steven Williamson on 4 March 2008, 18:48

Tags: Cyber eSport

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Stinger gaming mouse next of the new accessories from Cyber Esport

In addition to the new Cyba Sniper Sonar 5.1 Headset that Cyber Esport were showing off a CEBIT we also took a look at the new Cyber Snipa Stinger gaming mouse that launched a couple of weeks ago.

The Stinger packs a punch with onboard memory; macros can be recorded and set to any of the 6 customizable buttons of a macro profile. With 3 separate profiles, easily accessible with the push of a button, the Stinger gives the possibility of 18 onboard macros at any one time.

There’s also fully adjustable dpi. The software allows the user to select 4 different dpi levels, ranging anywhere from 400 to 3,200 dpi, which can be cycled through by pressing the mouse’s dpi button.

One of the nicest features are the ambient light indicators which show the current dpi setting so the user is always fully informed without the distraction of having to look away from the on-screen action.

The gaming grade laser engine operates at over 7,000 frames per second, offers a maximum of 3,200 dpi and features a super fast USB report rate of 1,000Hz, meaning the response time drops from the standard 8ms to 1ms! This, along with the ultra wide 16 bit data path, means the Stinger can track up to 45 inches per second!

The Stinger’s weight is also customizable; 7x20g weights are housed in the underbelly of the mouse, totaling the possible weight variation to 140 grams. The tilting scroll wheel completes the full range of features, granting the Stinger a total of 9 buttons.

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