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PS3 FPS controller coming to Europe

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Press release

Edmonton, Canada Jul 22, 2008 SplitFish AG (SplitFish), the world's premiere designer of PlayStation®3 first-person-shooter (FPS) console controllers, announced it has entered into a formal agreement with LIVING PICTURE AG of Zurich Switzerland for the exclusive worldwide distribution of the current and future line of SplitFish's FX line of console game controllers.

The arrangement will allow SPLITFISH access to LIVING PICTURE's established worldwide distribution network and immediately provide financial and additional sales resources required to increase the SPLITFISH production capacity. SplitFish`s popular Playstation 3 controller, the FRAGFX, has a current backlog of orders in Europe and North America.

"The rapid growth of SPLITFISH has made it necessary to increase our management personel and build on our sales infrastructure. LIVING PICTUREis a perfect fit to bridge this gap and SPLITFISH will benefit from LP's experience in distribution channels, logistics and methods of stringent quality control." says SPLITFISH CEO, Francisco Shipperheijn.

Since its initial launch in August 2007, SplitFish's FragFX for the PS3 has received rave reviews from the media and consumers. The FragFX is a patent- pending two-piece combination motion stick and mouse, that provides gamers with pinpoint accuracy and unmatched control in action games, The FragFX controller received one of the highest review scores (9.1) to date from IGN Gear who called the FragFX "the best controller we have tested on the PS3". SplitFish game team members later substantiated the FragFX superior performance abilities by gaining the #1 spot in the global leaderboards of the popular Playstation 3 game "Call of Duty 4"