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SPEEDLINK announces Nintendo Switch(R) lineup - Accessories available prior to console release

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January 2017 – Nintendo fans have long been counting down the days until they can finally get their hands on the new Nintendo Switch® console. According to the Japanese manufacturer, the home video gaming system will go on sale at the start of March. To ensure gaming enthusiasts are well-equipped for the new console, SPEEDLINK is proud to announce a range of accessories for the new console in advance of its official sales launch. 

SPEEDLINK was founded in 1998, and the team behind the brand has been working flat-out for many weeks to bring consumers its new lineup ahead of the sales launch of the Nintendo Switch® – the Japanese video game and console manufacturer’s new platform. The initial range of accessories, including multi-piece starter kits, is expected to be available online and in stores from mid-February onwards – before the console’s global release.

“As a brand whose roots lie in the gaming world and which produced accessories for the Amiga and C64, we can’t wait for the new console – especially as we’re also passionate gamers. As one of the leading providers of computer and video game accessories, we simply just had to develop a matching lineup for the Nintendo Switch® and launch it in good time before the console goes on sale”, said Steffen Soltau, Head of Corporate Communications at Jöllenbeck GmbH. 

All the accessories are already available to pre-order online, with two starter kits expected to be added to the lineup at the end of January.

Product overview:

·       FUZE USB Power Supply with separate charging cable and USB-C connector

·       ROD USB Car Adapter with charging cable for charging via a car’s 12V socket

·       STREAM Play & Charge USB Charging Cable – for simultaneous charging and gaming

·       GLANCE Screen Protection Kit including cleaning cloth and squeegee 

·       4-in-1 Starter Kit

• Screen protector with squeegee

• High-quality screen-cleaning cloth

• 1 x set of silicone analog-stick caps

• Rugged carry case for four game cards

·       7-in-1 Starter Kit

• Screen protector with squeegee

• 2 x sets of silicone analog-stick caps

• Rugged carry case for four game cards

• High-quality screen-cleaning cloth

• Charging cable for any USB port (3m)

• In-ear headphones with 3.5mm jack for great stereo sound