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Bomberman blasts onto new formats - Xbox 360 and PSP

by Steven Williamson on 23 August 2006, 14:30

Tags: Bomberman Land, Konami (TYO:9766), Action/Adventure

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GC 2006 One of gaming’s most enduring and popular heroes comes to Xbox 360 in October in Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH’s Bomberman Act: Zero, and to PSP in his original Bomberman guise in November.

[advert] Bomberman marks the debut of the bomb-toting hero on the PSP system with classic gameplay and a wealth of new handheld gaming twists. An ominous black shadow is creeping towards Bomberman's planet, and sudden attacks by a mysterious robot army have brain-washed the inhabitants of surrounding planets, creating mass chaos. Now Bomberman must embark on an intergalactic adventure to stop this evil menace and save his planet.

Bomberman brings a classic selection of characters and environments to life in full 3D with a variety of different play modes. ‘Normal’ mode offers single-player Bomberman adventures, complete with a new story and 100 levels and a new item stock system that allows for the collection and strategic use of items.

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‘Classic’ mode is based on the original Bomberman premise and features over 50 different levels of explosive fun. Multi-player battle mode allows up to four players to fight for survival in a variety of highly customisable game types across 20 different stages via wireless ad hoc play. Similarly, game sharing lets up to four players battle together using just one UMD in Bomberman’s timeless multiplayer modes.

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BOMBERMAN Act: Zero for the Xbox 360 redefines the series for the next generation with breathtaking high resolution graphics and all-new gameplay elements. Deep within an experimental underground facility in a bleak alternate future, humans are imprisoned as test subjects and trained to become deadly soldiers. Equipped with armored battle suits, players must fight for survival and eliminate each other to determine who will become the final human weapon. As Bomberman, your objective is simple: destroy your opponents before they destroy you.

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Players are challenged to survive through 99 stages as they try to escape this failing experiment and reach the surface. As they progress through the corridors of the facility, it will be a scramble for hidden items such as the program extension chip needed to strengthen their armour or other powerful ability enhancements. Up to eight players can battle for survival online in classic multiplayer action through Xbox Live and earn points to become the ultimate weapon on the World Rankings.

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I downloaded the trailer for this one this morning from the Live Marketplace, it does look like a lot of fun!
I was a huge fan of Super Bomberman on the SNES.

I'm a bit confused as to what the 360 version actually is though. When I first heard the Bomberman rumours many months ago, I thought it'd be a Live Arcade title.
But now it's clear that it's actually a whole new game, but surely even a new rendition of Bomberman isn't worthy of full retail price?
I wonder if we'll see this one along the price range of Table Tennis.
It's certainly changed from it's 1983 incarnation :)
thats true, but i actually prefer the old version, the ones from the snes and megadrive.
it reviewed horribly in japan, if the rumours are to be believed it doesnt have any local multiplayer either :(
Steve B
thats true, but i actually prefer the old version, the ones from the snes and megadrive.

I preffered the original on the Spectrum actually :)