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QOTW: Which is your favourite games console of all time?

by Parm Mann on 30 May 2014, 16:30

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Is there anything in tech that gives us as much enjoyment as a good video games console? The anticipation between each generation always reaches fever pitch, as we eagerly await new technologies, new experiences and, most importantly, another run of memorable games.

We're now in the eighth generation of the games console, with the PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox One following in the footsteps of the incredible machines that came before. But which single console would you pick out as the best of all time? Sony's PlayStation 2 leads the all-time sales chart with over 155 million units sold, and is closely followed by portable gaming sensations in the form of the Nintendo DS and Game Boy, with sales of 154 million and 119 million, respectively.

But sales don't always tell the full story and with the likes of the Sega Master System in 1986, the Super Nintendo in 1990 and the original PlayStation in 1994, we've had some real classics along the way. Chances are you've had at least one games console at some point, so let's hear it from you, which was your favourite, and what made it so memorable? Have your say using the comments below.

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Hmmm. XB360.

Why? Decent quality gaming, decent price … having waited until it was mature on the market.

Oh, and (for me, at least) longevity. Had it years, never any trouble.
I think most responses would be subjective. Consoles, and games, release at certain times in peoples lives and so those games or consoles get attached to the memories and feelings people have of “the good old days”. Someone born in the 80's may find an SNES or Genesis their favourite while someone born later may find the N64 or PS1 their favourite, not necessarily because of the games but because of the memories they had playing it.

That aside, SNES I played the most on in my teen years, playing Mario Kart every day after school with my best friend. Later on I eventually got an N64 and played Goldeneye.

My new favourite console though is my Wii U. Many features and options for play using the game pad has so many potential uses.
Dreamcast was the first time a console made me really take notice enough to want to part with money. Fired it up a few weeks ago, played some Metropolis Street Racer on it. Graphics look a bit dated now, but it is still pretty awesome.

Had a few consoles since, but they have been more of a means to an end. Gamecube to play Zelda, Wii to play Mario Kart, PS3 slim to play blu-rays.
My new favourite console though is my Wii U. Many features and options for play using the game pad has so many potential uses.

Mario Kart U turned up in the post today but not tried it yet, so my allegiance may change ;)
Gotta be honest, my SNES.