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QNAP brings Ryzen 7 to NAS boxes


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Reckons price-to-performance ratio makes it great for high-end NAS.

High-end NAS units tend to have powerful CPUs at their helm, helping buffer operations when eight to 16 drives are in a box. Historically, these have been powered by Intel processors, typically the Core series or, looking to the extreme end of the market, Xeons.

However, the recent release of AMD Ryzen 7 processors have brought high-end performance down to a more agreeable price point. This is why Qnap, a leading NAS provider is the first to use Ryzen 7 chips in its six, eight, and 12-bay NAS boxes known as TS-x77.

Watch the video to hear Banson Chang, UK Country Manager, talk through the benefits and opportunities that running Ryzen 7 brings to QNAP.

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While Ryzen isn't much interest to me in a desktop CPU atm, I'm definitely attracted to the idea of a cheap, ECC-capable 6-8 core CPU in my NAS box. My existing 26-drive NAS uses a quad-core E3 Xeon only because an E5 would have cost ridiculous amounts. Ryzen is presenting an incredibly good perf per pound/dollar proposition for 8-core ECC systems. A R7 1700 doubles the core count of my E3-1230v3 while matching the clockspeed and reducing the power consumption all for barely 10% higher cost.