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Gigabyte to give G1 Gaming motherboards a makeover


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New style for Intel Skylake boards.

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So they copied Asus?
So they copied Asus?
You apparently didn't notice the colour white in there… ;)
I generally shortlist boards with the least amount of negative feedback. Killer networking regularly attracts more negative comments than Intel. Bad marketing to use Killer anything IMO.

Intel LAN + better fan control is why I considered Asus the better choice for Z87 / Z97 boards. Board manufacturers should focus on better firmware and customer support over aesthetics. Immature BIOS attracts negative feedback and the damage is done by high percentage of 1-2 star reviews. Doesn't really matter what colour it is if the product is broken and manufacturer is slow to fix it.

More testing required. Noctua has the right idea with bad colours and well tested product.
Didn't help when Gigabyte failed to clearly identify C1 or C2 hardware revisions for the Z87 boards. Turned out that the easiest solution to this problem was to buy Asus boards.

Will it be a lottery which colour board I receive depending whether old stock is cleared? I would imagine not SO why are other non-aesthetic differences impossible to identify at point of sale.
As an owner of a few Gigabyte boards (2 running as I type this, Gaming G7 and one of the older DS2R mATX boards) they've been solid and pretty damn smart looking in a windowed case - but in the Gaming 7 the Killer Ethernet was utterly annoying and I just end up setting it as the raw direct driver in Windows instead. The bloatware it came with is utterly painful and windows 7/8 choked on it regularly