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Phanteks impresses with Enthoo Evolv and Mini XL cases


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Mini XL, though micro-ATX in size, has very robust cooling options.

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An optical drive at the back of the case is certainly thinking outside the box !
Poor placement of usb and power switch on the Enthoo Evolv.
Some interesting designs, I like how they have thought about builders altering the case to fit their cooling bits in. I find the oxymoronic names a bit annoying; why call it a Mini XL, something small that is very big… just use another name.
Wow these are very impressive, not general market cases far more specialised but really nice.

Great to see slotted fan mounts rather than just holes as that allows for a wider range of rads or fan combinations.

I really like the look of the push on panels, wonder if they are grommeted? or what the exact catch system is to hold them on?

I agree the naming is a bit odd, but then again that case is odd, a very large mATX case, it looks like it's bigger than most mid towers.
Like the look of these but a very poor presentation from Phanteks - these companies have 5 minutes to sell their products and always have some character chuntering away in the background. Wouldn't it be an idea to tell them to have a wee cig break for 5 minutes or at least pipe down a bit.

Understand they may be sharing the room with another company but common sense should kick in when they are doing a video presentation …