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Bit Fenix booth tour at Computex 2014


Been waiting a while? Get Flash to see this player.

The Pandora, Aegis and monster Atlas up for your delectation.

Let us know if any tickle your fancy.

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HEXUS Forums :: 2 Comments

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Some serious class on display there. Would be interested to know what materials make up the external decorations on the Atlas.
The Pandora looks very nice, a very sleek mini-itx case, wonder what the price will be?
The Aegis looks decent, nothing amazing but nothing bad, need a bit more indepth look at it to see if it can challenge something like the fractal design ARC 2 mini
The Atlas . . . well it's an ATX cube, interesting idea about being able to swap the sides over, personally I'm not liking the looks much, esp the external lighting but I'm sure someone will like it.