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Bit Fenix all excited about Prodigy and Ghost chassis


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Lester gives us a walkthrough of two upcoming chassis.

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looking nice, didnt see the inside of the ghost but if they made it a bit longer so i could have a nice 360mm rad in that roof bay and a 240 somewhere else id probably buy one :D. need a nice vibration reduce/silent chassis!.
Lol, liked the way he looked at the mic to see who he was talking to :)
im pretty excited about the prodigy… looks awesome!

There is a couple of reviews on the net already.
I think the ghost would be great in combination with an H100 and the rad concealed in that ceiling, should even have enough space for push/pull fans with illuminated fans on the mobo facing side of the rad.
Yeah the Prodigy looks really promising, and reviews so far have been favourable. For me it's a little on the large size for an ITX case, it's pretty much as big as mATX cases but I understand it needs those extra dimensions to really give it the rich feature range it offers.

Personally I'd like to see them ditch a bit of the storage capacity as I think this is best suited for a LAN rig or streamlined build where a single SSD perhaps accompanied by one 2.5“/3.5” HDD would be most probable and as such they could make it a bit more compact. I also think they need to reconsider the IO placement, sticking at the front and making it fixed to the chassis rather than the side panel would be a huge improvement