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NSFW! - AEE 2010 - Body paint that can take a pounding...


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NSFW! - HEXUS.tv talks to Liquid Latex Fashions who produce hard wearing latex body paint... much less likely to rub off!

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nick … nick …. you lucky ********

Was the “err i'm married” bit just incase the Mrs decided to check up on you ?

im sure you hated every minute of that bud …

The word “tugging” was used far too much from a “married man” among lots of young ladies
I don't know if there's anything special about that stuff, however I can tell you that normal latex boady paint does come off with sweat.

Just a word of warning.

Have you been involved in a car accident while in America?

I'm asking because on that video it appears you have issues lifting your head up straight and was looking down the entire time.
I find the whole idea very a'peeling :)