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TCAAC 21 - The Acer Aspire One


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Nick shows Scott that bigger isn't necessarily better as the Acer Aspire One goes to show...

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Love it!
Is that Nick on a Linux machine? :o

Also, SUBTITLES. Seriously, HEXUS.tv is a pain in the arse for viewing at work, due to lack of subs.
Tee hee, lovin' an all the stuff that's been the norm for years. All your mockery, destroyed by reality ;)

Want some special Aspire features that don't work (out of the box, or without config file hacking) anywhere else? Try this one: boot the laptop with a nice big SD card in the LEFT SD slot (not the right one). The Aspire One will *ADD* the space on that card to the space on the internal drive - i.e. plug in an 8 GiB SD card, and you get a 16 GiB disk.
My housemate has one of these and you can do loads of stuff with them if your not afraid to do a bit of terminal fiddling.
Looks like a nice little unit. Seen them in my local super market. Quite like the 120g one though.