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HEXUS.tv :: VIA drive the green issue with mainboards the size of credit cards...


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With the current set of SLI/CrossFire systems, we are probably seeing the biggest power draw in history. As more and more focus is given to green issues, we speak with Richard Brown from VIA about their drive in this area

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Is it just me that hear the show say “demand for voltage” instead of “demand for wattage/power”.
Good question, but I think they are aiming for low, low, low across the board

From a million years ago, I seem to remember ITV=W
Electricity isn't produced, consumed or billed by the volt, it should deffinitely be wattage in the voice over instead.

Any if VIA were successful in reducing the number of volts in the UK, many things wouldn't work as they rely on 240V from the mains ;)
…many things wouldn't work…
You're not wrong there :)

Think the voice over script writer (:embarrassed:) got caught up in the current->voltage->play
->on->words us of language

Moe attention to coulombic (?) detail next time - promise !