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Review: Corsair Obsidian Series 700D: more than a case of déjà vu?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 14 May 2010, 05:00 4.5

Tags: Obsidian Series 700D, Corsair

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Final thoughts and rating

Corsair's Obsidian 700D full-tower chassis is a slightly trimmed-down version of the 800D that was launched in mid-2009. Sharing the same construction and differentiated by the newer model being specified without hot-swap drive-bays and a windowed side panel, the 700D's lineage means that it has very solid underpinnings.

The good is bountiful, including cavernous interior; the best cable-management system we've seen; well-thought-out cooling zones; cutout for through-the-motherboard heatsinks and decent airflow. Perhaps most importantly of all, it's an absolute doddle to build into, and it's practically impossible to have an ugly-looking installation.

Being based almost wholly on the 800D's design means that the newest Obsidian still isn't perfect. There's no front-mounted eSATA port, if that matters to you, and squashing all the cables on to one side can cause the panel to bulge.

But our overall thoughts are still very much positive. The removal of a couple of features - hot-swap bays and window - drops price by around £40, to £190, bringing it within the range of a few more customers.

Corsair's appreciated that the 800D has worked well and so the Obsidian 700D's arrival is no real surprise. Prefering clean lines to superfluous features, we think it's a better chassis for the changes, but what we really want to see is a mid-sized Obsidian offering priced at below £150. Care to oblige, Corsair?

The Good

Awesome cable-management system
Extremely easy to build into
Cut-out for through-the-motherboard cooler mounting
Cooling zones work well

The not so good

No front-mounted eSATA port...still
£200 for a mostly-steel chassis is expensive

HEXUS Rating

Four_Half Star

Corsair Obsidian 700D chassis

HEXUS Awards

Corsair Obsidian 700D chassis

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£186.83 (pre-order)

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will corsair ever release a midi version of the 800
this 700 makes no sense with a difference of £40 i wud rather have the window and ez drive access
Personally, I like the 700D better than the 800D, granted the minimal drop in price is somewhat crap, I think somewhere around the £160 mark would be better, but I'm putting my next build into one of these. The 800D is useless to me, no need for the window or the hot swappable disks, but I want a big case, with good cooling performance. On top of that, it's nice and simple looking, I don't like all of these extreme looking cases with lots of weird looking edges.
So how noisy is it?! How well does it block system noise to the outside?

Am I the only one that wants a quiet case? I was very disappointed with my Lian Li case - yes it's all aluminium and looks nice from the outside… but they claim ‘quiet computing’ but epically fail to deliver.
I had hoped that reviewers would start to compare new cases for noise levels, but once again the review is bereft of this!

And Corsair's lack of eSATA is puzzling…

Look on SPCR… It's what they do…
this is probably the best quiet case you can get