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Biostar introduces pocket-sized Racing P1 mini PC

by Mark Tyson on 3 October 2016, 12:31

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Biostar has announced the introduction of a new mini PC, which is about the size of a trio of smartphones stacked on top of one another. This PC was first shown off by Biostar back at Computex in June. The Biostar Racing P1 mini PC is based upon the 14nm Intel Atom Z8350 quad-core processor with 2W TDP. Complementing the processor is 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and a good selection of I/O options, including six USB ports.

The Biostar Racing P1 mini PC measures 129 x 83 x 27mm (0.29L) and it is a fanless design for completely silent operation. Biostar has created this mini PC as part of its Racing range and thus implemented carbon fibre styling and "sports car curves". If that's not flashy enough and you aren't going to squirrel it away behind your screen, using the VESA compatible mounts, Biostar has included RGB LEDs plus a 5V 5050 LED Header for you to add LED strips to this PC and to control via its Vivid LED DJ software.

Inside, the Intel Z8350 quad-core processor has a base/boost frequency of 1.44/1.92GHz. This 14nm chip has a max accompanying memory size of 2GB according to Intel but Biostar has it working with 4GB of DDR3L-1600 RAM. The built-in GPU is the Intel HD Graphics 400 with base/boost of 200/500MHz and 12 execution units. Built-in storage (64GB) is of the eMMC Flash type. I've tabulated the full tech specs below:


Biostar Racing P1


129*83*27mm (0.29L), weighs 255g


Z8350 Quad core 1.92G/ Fanless








Micro SDXC card reader




Realtek RTL8111H GbE LAN

AMPAK AP6255 802.11ac + BT4.0(onboard)


Realtek ALC5645 with Combo Jack





20W ( 5V, 4A PSU)




While a step above the average PC-HDMI stick in size, the Racing P1 is compatible with standard VESA mounts to fix to the back of your monitor or TV so you can tidy it away. All the extra connectivity options provide are a big jump up from what is available on a PC HDMI stick. Unfortunately in its email to HEXUS Biostar neglected to mention pricing and availability. However, according to reports around Computex time it should sell for under $200. If you are interested please keep an eye on the usual Biostar distributors.

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“Coolest Quad Core Sports Car”

Marketed by kids, for kids. lol.
“Coolest Quad Core Sports Car”

Marketed by kids, for kids. lol.
1. Kids like to play games
2. This can't play games
3. ???
4. Profit!