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COMPUTEX 2007 Preview: Tiny fanless embedded PCs

by Nick Haywood on 4 June 2007, 05:07

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Teeny tiny PC

Want a PC but not got much space? Well how about an industrial PC with dimensions of just 123 x 120 x 44 mm? That’s smaller than an old KVM switch I have!

Okay, so the FX5201 isn’t meant for home use, but you’ve got to admit that for such a tiny box the spec is pretty impressive. It uses an AMD Geode LX-800 processor board and comes with 256MB DDR but can support up to 1GB.

Alongside the VGA, PS/2 mouse and keyboard connector, Fabiatech has managed to cram in a 10/100 LAN port and four USB 2.0 ports, yet still leave room for one 2.5in HDD and a CompactFlash Slot. And you thought IKEA was good at making the best use of space!

If all that weren’t enough, you even get a choice of two power connections, one of which is meant for environments that suffer from a lot of vibration… such as on top of the washing machine on a fast- spin cycle maybe?

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