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MSI S20 Slider 2 glides out of cover

by Mark Tyson on 11 December 2013, 12:30

Tags: MSI, Windows 8

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MSI has launched a new version of its S20 Slider hybrid today. The S20 Slider 2 takes last year's design and updates it with the Intel Haswell chipset and... erm... I can't see any other differences. However Haswell brings a lot of benefits to mobile users thanks to its energy efficiency and improved integrated graphics, as seen in many previously updated laptop and hybrid ranges.

MSI talks up the S20 Slider 2's desirability in its press release, saying it is "guaranteed to meet all your work and leisure needs". Furthermore, the Taiwanese systems and computer parts maker says "It incorporates the thin elegant design and full HD resolution of an ultrabook along with the smooth touch control, multi-angle view screen of a tablet. Now, you can glide back and forth between work and pleasure mode with ease."

The Slider 2 retains the original's useful and adaptable form factor but the same lack of pointing device (like trackpad or trackpoint) so you need to prod the screen a lot or plug in a mouse. Users can choose the angle of the screen and use the keyboard or just slide the screen down flat for simple tablet usage. The hybrid packs a full array of ports, including a card reader, mini HDMI, USB3.0, BT4.0, and Giga LAN port.


S20 Slider

S20 Slider 2


3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor

4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5 Processors


Windows 8

Windows 8/8.1


11.6-inch IPS 1080P with 10 points multi touch screen

11.6-inch IPS 1080P with 10 points multi touch screen


19.8mm thick, 1.16Kg

19.8mm thick, 1.16Kg


Max 8GB

Max 8GB




All other specs

Also the same

Also the same


As you can see above, I was compiling a spec comparison table and the only difference is courtesy of the Intel 4th generation processors that are now available. However Intel's 22nm technology brings benefits of higher frequency and better performance, while reducing power consumption. Also the S20 Slider 2 gets Intel's newest integrated graphics, MSI says it uses the HD4600 which "supports the newest Microsoft DX11 effects, OpenCL v1.1, and OpenGL 3.1 and accelerates Quick-Sync-coding speeds by 50~80 per cent".

MSI has yet to inform us of pricing and availability dates for this refreshed S20 Slider model.

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Oooh that's nice, just a bit heavy though, 800-900g would be be acceptable but 1.16Kg is pushing it to be comfortable to hold like a tablet.
Sign me up! (If the price is right) most important thing here is that rj45 port. They are becoming rare nowadays whilst everyone competes to make their device as slim as possible
That looks pretty horrible to me! I'd much prefer the Dell one where the screen flips to become a laptop or ‘tablet’. But I'm really liking seeing more of this type of laptop, I think my next purchase will be a convertible :)