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Shuttle readies Core 2 Duo and Crossfire XPC in new P2-series chassis

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 13 June 2006, 13:00

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Shuttle are finalising plans for a Crossfire-supporting XPC that runs Intel Core 2 Duo processors, giving rise to the possibility of a seriously powerful workstation PC in a comparatively tiny space.

The SD37P2 uses a mainboard housing Intel i975, four DDR2 memory slots, two PCI Express 16X slots for two single-slot graphics boards, on-board HD Audio, space for two hard disk drives at the top and all the other goodies expected of a high-end XPC in 2006. Another XPC to make your author seriously think about ditching his big-ass desktop, and I can see a whole bunch of you pondering the same.

Core 2 Duo, 4GiB of mem and space for my current dual-slot graphics hardware in an SFF PC -- foregoing Crossfire -- along with 2 HDD bays, makes me very keen indeed. Obligatory piccies follow.




The P2 chassis is a brand new one for Shuttle, evolving the P-series chassis that we're so fond of to make ever more powerful XPCs possible. Looks slick from the front, we think.

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I don't quite get it, obviously; are there any better single slot Crossfire cards than an X1600? I suppose a couple of X1600XTs would get you decent performance.
me wants 1 :D
just bloody wow. best get in that overtime :p
Tarinder, Paul and myself spent some time at their offices recently - we were more than impressed, so proffesional and the office was something which would look amazing in the UK too - unlike most taiwanese operations. These guys are very sensible - and the products they have coming are looking *real good