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AMD LiveBox mini desktop shows Fusion can be compact too

by Alistair Lowe on 7 June 2012, 09:51


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Earlier this year, at the Microsoft Windows 8 unveiling, the firm briefly showcased a minute little box, which it claimed contained an AMD Fusion chip, running Windows 8. We've been waiting eagerly ever since to see some of these micro products on the show floor and at last one appears to have cropped up, the AMD LiveBox.

AMD LiveBox mini

The tiny little block can be held comfortably in the palm of your hand and features an AMD Fusion C-60 processor clocked at 1.0GHz with a TurboBoost of 1.33GHz and with on-die Radeon HD 6290 graphics. Throw in a 64GB Samsung SSD, 1GB RAM, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, a memory card reader, Bluetooth 4.0 and even quad-band 3G and you've got one heck of a product for its size.

The connectivity isn't even the most interesting aspect of the LiveBox, with the product featuring, admittedly at Computex a US style, plug socket, built directly into the unit, showing that the box's power supply is fully integrated, with the product insert-able directly into a plug socket.

AMD LiveBox mini plug

The demo at Computex was running Windows 7, however given the reported memory savings and performance improvements of Windows 8, we can't help but assume this little Box will launch with Microsoft's latest and greatest OS. AMD is yet to confirm pricing or availability and, whilst with hardware such as a 64GB SSD the price can only go so low, this is certainly a product we'll be keeping our eyes open for.

Credit to Engadget for the early snaps.

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If it's anything like the Zotac ZBox Nano then it's a noisy little bugger… which is what ruined the otherwise great Nano for me.
The noise will be coming from the single 40mm fan on the cpu. If you use Brazos tweaker you can drop the voltages and put the fan noise to a minimum.

Considering it will run flawless HD video and play Diablo 3…
Typical! Bought an MSI WindBOX only yesterday after searching for a decent low-power home server for months.

Still, I'm happy with what I got.
Speaking of noisy, having a rather underpowered computer is still the only way to go. Like E350 or Atom. Unfortunately. But my guess, and hope is - not for too long. Still, if you're in for a nice little PC to play 1080 videos, any E350 can do that. Not Atom, though. At least not so smoothly. I have a need for something else, not playing videos…
New toy from Intel. i3 CPU so much more powerful than Atom.

I had an Atom compact PC. Built by Foxconn. It's a bit slow and noisy.