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ASUS Windows 8 + Android hybrid devices

by Mark Tyson on 1 June 2012, 11:00

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), Windows 8

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ASUS has released three teaser videos so far, in the run up to Computex 2012. The company headline the video series “Get a sneak peak at new ASUS products before Computex 2012!” The teasers indicate one or more “incredible” new products will be released at Computex. The key words and phrases from the teaser videos are; all-in-one, cloud, transformations, two sides, unite. An important symbolic moment in the second video is where water drops containing the Windows 8 and Android logos disperse, giving us a strong indication that the all-in-one will run Windows 8 and Android OS.

The first teaser video seems to be an introduction to the following two. I’ve typed the text from the video below.

  • Don’t get set into one form
  • Adapt it and build your own
  • The shape of the cloud is ever-changing
  • Beyond time and boundaries
  • Join us as we introduce the truly incredible

The script was written in Rod Serling style for ASUS and also presented in a Twilight Zone meets Terminator fashion.


Video 2. All-in-one is no longer in one

This video is about an all-in-one desktop that runs some kind of system allowing the user to use Windows 8 and Android OS together. How it will work together is an intriguing question. In the video the water drop splits and two water droplets form showing the two OS logos. Have the systems overcome their boundaries?


Video 3. When two sides unite

Since the previous video was about an all-in-one I think this video is about a tablet and keyboard dock with “two sides” which obviously equate to Windows 8 and Android. The spinning of the slate with Tai-Chi joining together in a visual illusion suggests that the two operating systems share a single front screen rather than a two sided device which would be unwieldy. In the intro video we had the word “TRANSFORMATIONS” which suggests a new member of the ASUS Transformer range will be released with dual OS capability.

All will be revealed at a press conference on 4th June. Fingers crossed for something “truly incredible.”

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it's just gonna be dual boot.
Dr Krepz;194781
it's just gonna be dual boot.

Yes - I expect so. Its a good idea really - It allows ASUS to cover all bases.
I was thinking more like it will be an all-in-one that is Windows 8 but you can pull the screen off to be a tablet with Droid.. Cloud sync between the two so it feels like one device.

As Win8 is meant to be for tablets anyway I think they are missing the point by a mile.
oh dear.

That's all I can say, why would you want to dual boot what I'm assuming is one of the Arm devices…..

How long will W8 take to boot? From what I've heard its faster than most Andriod devices on the market from a cold start. So it comes down to apps, apps that are only available on one OS but not the other. Thing is dual booting is horrible, rather than having emulation of Apps from one in the other.
Dr Krepz;2472601
it's just gonna be dual boot.
That's what most people assume - so it'll be similar to the Splashtop+Windows arrangement that some Asus motherboards do (including the one I've got).

A more interesting (and radical) rumour is that the Asus device/device actually has a hardware hypervisor, and the Windows8 (with added Metro badness) and Android (presumably ICS) are “merely” VM's. Even the point that the storage is on exFAT, since Windows and Android both support that easily/natively, in which case there might even be the possibility of shared user data areas.

If this is true, then major-league kudos to Asus. And I've got to say that this tallies with the kind of “innovative” thinking that Asus seem to be pursuing at the moment.

(cancel Asus-fanboi mode…)