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Origin unveils The Big O

by Pete Mason on 7 September 2010, 16:45

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Even the most die-hard PC gamer will sometimes put down the mouse, pick up a controller and play on a console.  To make that a little easier - and in an effort to redefine luxury in a custom rig - Origin PC has today announced the Big O.  As well as being one of the most powerful computers we've ever seen, it has a liquid-cooled Xbox 360 built right into the chassis.

The company starts with a specially made double-wide case before packing it with the best components that it could get its hands on.  While you could opt for the starting model's Intel Core i7 930 overclocked to 4GHz, Origin gives the option of upgrading to two Xeon X5680 six-core, 12-thread CPUs clocked at an amazing 4.3GHz.

Similarly, while the ‘base' configuration includes two GTX 480s, the system can support up to four of NVIDIA's fastest single-GPU factory-overclocked cards for the ultimate in performance.

This kind of hardware requires a good amount of power, so the system-builder opted for a minimum of 1.5kW.  Of course, even this would struggle to keep up with the highest-end configuration, so the chassis can be outfitted with two 1.05kW supplies if needs be.

Obviously, an extravagant system needs to be exotically cooled, so Origin chose to liquid-cool the CPUs, GPUs and the Xbox to keep everything running comfortably in each Big O system.

The manufacturer knows full well that this is a luxury PC, so it offers more than just a ridiculously-powerful computer.  Every part can be chosen according to the owners needs, from the GPUs down to the design hand-painted onto the chassis and the writing on the custom plaque.

And how much does the ultimate games-machine cost? The starting configuration will run $7,669 (a little under £6000 including VAT), while the top-end system - built for CPU Magazine's Dream PC competition - will cost a staggering $16,999 (£13,250 including VAT).

And that doesn't even include a monitor.

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Does seem a bit odd to include a 360, dare I say if on both PC wins so there is only a few 360 exclusives left.

Saying that the specs look equaly insane, if I won the lottery I would buy one for the fun of it, but in the oridinary word I just don't need an epenis that big.
As a gaming machine, that's 100% pure waste, but as a computing powerhouse…. :drool: :surprised:
very…. original good effort, well done to the guys! (I chose to ignore the xbox)

In case anyone wants to avoid seeing the stupid google balls today one more time, the link to this is

I just love that it ships in a crate. Not a box. A crate. A wooden crate, delivered on a pallet.

I'd even buy a Dell if I got to open the packing with a crowbar. :)
But, will it run Crysis? ;)