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Dell teases 5in Slate PC at CES 2010

by Parm Mann on 8 January 2010, 05:02

Tags: Dell (NASDAQ:DELL)

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It wouldn't be a CES without Dell providing a glimpse at a yet-to-be-named product that may or may not see the light of day.

This year it's a sexy-looking portable PC that fits right into the "Slate" form factor unearthed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's opening keynote yesterday.

Dell's 5in system - just larger than a smartphone but just smaller than a tablet - hopes to offer a complete computing experience in a pocket-sized system. The operating system of choice, at this stage, at least, appears to be Google's Android, but details regarding internal hardware are being kept firmly under wraps.

We do know there's room for a SIM card, making this as much a phone as it is a Slate, and Dell has confirmed that it's toying with other Slate sizes, too.

There really is nothing else to go on at this early stage, but Dell has provided a promo shot:

What do you think, readers? Does a 5in Slate form factor appeal to you? Let us know what you think in the HEXUS.community forums.

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I can't see this form factor being much other than a ‘fat phone’. Would anyone seriously carry this plus a phone (like an iPhone, Nexus one etc)? I doubt it, especially if this has a sim card. You would either have your ‘phone’ or this, making this the phone (but a slightly clumsy one).
Is it just me who thinks that the guy holding it, is thinking it's pointless too?
This is the perfect format for me & the only slate that I would buy, something that has a “large enough” screen and still fit in my pocket.
tbh Dell had a perfectly good market with the old Axim x51v's, if they'd of stuck with that and developed it into somethin else then they would of had a winner, but there about 5 years late with this device..

imho of course
Does it have actual phone functions, or just 3G Data?

Give me a 7" version with data plan that runs a full OS (linux'll do if it has to be ARM compatible ;)), and I'll take this + a cheapo / PAYG phone over a smartphone any day. Love my Magic to bits, but it's just too small for anything but casual web / email use (plus the lack of decent handwriting recognition is a PITA, frankly).