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Kimpro creates the ultimate boy's toy: the Intel Atom-powered Ferrari

by Parm Mann on 6 June 2009, 10:30

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You'll come across all sorts of weird and wonderful tech whilst roaming the COMPUTEX halls, and this is a prime example:

What looks to be a remote-controlled model Ferrari is actually something more. You guessed it, it's an Intel Atom-powered PC. Unfortunately, Kimpro didn't have any signs to tell people what it was and the cool little PC was going largely unnoticed.

We just happened to stumble upon it with the drive bay protruding from the car's bumper.

All the connectivity options reside on the side, and that's not a fuel pipe you see connected - it's the power cable. Inside, there's the usual 1.6GHz Atom processor and 1GB of RAM. But hey, why bother touching up the innards when you have a Ferrari shell? Anybody seen a nettop any cooler than this?

We were itching to play with one, but unfortunately our hopes and dreams were dashed when Kimpro told us that the car's remote control functionality is lost when the PC hardware is fitted. Bummer, as a remote control nettop really would have been the PC for any room in the house.

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