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Wacky-but-expensive case lights, courtesy of GlacialTech

by Parm Mann on 5 June 2008, 20:03

Tags: GlacialTech

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If you want your PC to give you that Christmas feeling all year round, you might want to invest in GlacialTech's $200 case lighting.

We happened to catch it at COMPUTEX '08 and we initially thought; wow, that looks tacky.

Then, it began to change colour. Hmmm, things get a little interesting.

Soon after, we realised that it wasn't just changing colour - it was being changed, by remote control! The super-tacky remote had us amused, and for a moment, the lights were almost cool.

There's various colours, and you can set it to blink, rotate, or just stay on your colour of choice using the handy little remote - which comes complete with eye-poking antenna.

It is ultimately just a very expensive gimmick, and we'd never spend $200 on it, but, if you've got money to burn, it's a gimmick that'll make you grin for a few hours minutes.

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