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CEBIT 2005: Biostar iDEQ 330P - BTX AMD System?

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 13 March 2005, 00:00

Tags: Biostar

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Biostar iDEQ 330P

BTX based Biostar AMD nForce 4 SFF Solution

Want to see the world's first AMD-based BTX system? Sadly, I can't quite show you that, but I did see something very close. Biostar's nForce4-based iDEQ 330P has something very close to picoBTX in terms of board layout. Being a small PC that doesn't support upgrade of the mainboard, the mainboard can have any layout that Biostar want. With their i915-based iDEQ a full picoBTX implementation, it seems they've designed the nForce4 version in much the same way. The CPU and core logic are lined up to take advantage of the iDEQ's cooling system, with the expansion slots and memory slots either side. Here's a couple of shots to show you what I mean.

iDEQ 330P
Click for a bigger version

iDEQ 330P
Click for a bigger version

It's not got the Media Center features that the i915-based 300 has, like the integrated LCD display, Biostar instead aiming the 330P at the gamer who wants the power of Socket 939 AMD and PCI Express graphics in a small space. Here's the spec list.

iDEQ 330P system spec
Click for a bigger version

We should have a sample shortly after CeBit. Stay tuned.