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QNAP launches TVS-871T Thunderbolt NAS/DAS combo

by Ryan Martin on 4 June 2015, 14:10

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QNAP demonstrated its latest high-performance storage device at Computex 2015, the TVS-871T. The company's latest product is an eight-bay storage device capable of operating as a DAS, NAS and iSCSI SAN. Such flexibility is afforded by the abundant connectivity - a pair of Thunderbolt 2 10Gbps ports and four Gigabit ports. QNAP also offers upgrades to four 10 Gigabit ports, or eight Gigabit ports, depending on user requirements.

Internal hardware specifications of the TVS-871T are impressive too, as the device can have an Intel Core i3-4150, Core i5-4590S or Core i7-4790S with 2, 4 or 8GB of DDR3 memory. This translates into storage performance of 800MB/s to 1,200MB/s when used as a Thunderbolt DAS, while NAS performance will be limited by the type of network interface chosen. In QNAP's demonstration, shown in the below video, the TVS-871T achieved speeds of 930MB/s when copying a large file via Thunderbolt 2.


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The QNAP TVS-871T is aimed at professional users, in particular Mac Pro users or users of other Apple devices with Thunderbolt ports. QNAP believes video professionals who regularly handle high-resolution footage stand to benefit most from the TVS-871T. Pricing and an official release date were not disclosed but it is rumoured the company may release the TVS-871T bundled with Seagate Enterprise NAS HDDs, as well as in a barebones configuration.

QNAP used Computex 2015 as a platform to introduce its new Qsirch tool which is available as an app from the QNAP app centre. Qsirch is a full text search tool, using the TF-IDF algorithm, that allows users to search files, documents, movies, songs and photos for a specific value, effectively a search engine for the NAS.

QNAP also updated its NAS operating system, QTS, to version 4.2 which brings with it a new UI design and various new features. These include seamless integration with cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive and also volume snapshot, snapshot replication, VM backup and restore, JBOD enclosure roaming, backup versioning, encrypting shared folders, and enhanced network security.

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