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Corsair expands flash drive lineup

by Steve Kerrison on 21 November 2005, 19:45

Tags: Corsair

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Drives hit 4GiB

Corsair Memory

The trusty USB thumb drive seems to know no bounds. Originally quite expensive and not that capacious, but rather handy, the USB thumb drive can now store enough data to boot a fully fledged modern OS (even good old Windows XP). Choice is vast, but one of the leading brands is Corsair's Flash Voyager.

The Flash Voyager features a rubber exterior which makes it rather rugged (as well as amusingly bouncy.) Coupled with a USB2.0 interface, it's nice and nippy. Corsair have now taken the capacity of their Flash Voyager line-up to 4GiB. To put that into perspective, that's nearly as much as a single layer DVD. This particular part operates at 19MB/sec and 13MB/sec read and write speeds, incorporating dual channel technology to access the NAND flash device.

If you really wanted, you could get Windows, your files, some music and maybe even your favourite computer game on the drive, although access times wouldn't quite be RAID-esque. Still, 4GiB provides ample storage space for backups and data portability, all within a nice durable and waterproof casing. Weighing in at $250 MSRP, it's by no means the cheapest flash drive, but its price will no doubt drop over time, and there's appeal enough in a 4GiB drive for people to start snapping it up immediately.

HEXUS.links :: Corsair's press release

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That would be sweet, currently using the Seagate one but will get another Corsair ^^