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QNAP preparing to launch v3.4 firmware

by Pete Mason on 11 January 2011, 10:00

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QNAP's feature-packed NAS products have earned a lot of respect around the HEXUS offices, but they're about to get even more well equipped. Starting this Friday, the latest firmware upgrade for the storage boxes will be rolled out, bringing the software up to version 3.4.

There are a couple of key features in this update, the first of which is real-time remote replication. While older versions of the QNAP firmware supported data backups to remote storage, an offsite server or an attached disk, it had to be done on a periodic basis. With this update, remote replication can be enabled to automatically happen as soon as files are modified. Of course, scheduled backups are still supported as well.

The other major new feature is MyCloudNAS. Using this service, it's possible to turn a QNAP NAS into a personal cloud, allowing files to be accessed from anywhere in the world. Essentially, this is just an easy wizard designed to help make the NAS accessible to the outside world without having to worry about opening ports or dynamic DNS registration. Instead, the wizard will take care of all of the messy configuration automatically, streamlining the entire process.

Other additions include support for Raid 10, advanced folder permissions options and support for automated backups to cloud services like ElephantDrive and Amazon S3.

The update will be available for Intel-based QNAP NAS boxes this Friday - January 14 - and for all other devices on January 30. Users of version 3.3 will be automatically notified of the update, or it can be downloaded directly from QNAP's download site.

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“MyCloudNAS”? *stab* *stab* *stab* DIE!

It's a freaking web server! Why does every idiot have to call anything remotely web based ‘cloud’?!