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Corsair Flash Voyager - 32GB in a pendrive!

by Parm Mann on 3 December 2007, 14:07

Tags: Corsair

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It'll store your music, photos, videos and probably your kitchen sink

When we reviewed the 8GB Flash Voyager drive earlier in the year, we concluded that "You can buy 8GB flash-based USB drives cheaper, sure, but if performance and durability are high on your list of requirements - and they should be - there's nothing we've yet seen that's better".

Well if bigger means better, than we've seen it now. In steps the 32GB Flash Voyager, it comes complete with everything we liked about its smaller brother, speed, durability and we're sure it'd be able to survive our attempts to drown it too.

Available now from online retailer, the Corsair 32GB Flash Voyager will set you back £175.45. It isn't the cheapest USB drive you'll see, but if the 8GB model was anything to go by, it's likely to be very good. As is the case with other drives in the range, the 32GB Flash Voyager comes complete with a 10 year warranty.

Those of you looking to do more than just drown your USB drive, we no doubt expect to see an ultra rugged Survivor version very soon... possibly Q1 next year.

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Remember when 1GB was over 1000quid?
Damn, another thing I don't, but want.

If you're going to do that shooting the drive test again;

1 Get someone who owns a real gun.
2 Get someone who can shoot straight.

I can imagine myself getting one of these, then I can lose even more data than before.

This means 68GB Eee's are possible :)

EeeUser ASUS Eee PC EeePC Forum / 16GB & Bluetooth Mod Complete!

Just use two voyagers instead of one + Bluetooth