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HIS secondary power supply a perfect 10 for Radeon HD 2900 XT

by Tarinder Sandhu on 5 June 2007, 13:26

Tags: HiS Graphics

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Computex 2007 HIS - a company best known for its range of AMD-branded graphics cards - is branching out into retailing PSUs, evidently.

The HIS PowerUp! 400W 'booster' fits into a spare 5.25in bay and provides additional 12V power to power-hungry graphics cards.

We've seen this kind of SKU from FSP and Be Quiet. The rationale behind its introduction is to eliminate the problem of having to purchase and refit a new PSU should you decide to opt for a couple of high-end graphics cards. This unit will power a couple of Radeon HD 2900 XTs, leaving your incumbent PSU to continue supplying power to the rest of the system.

[advert]Availability is schedule for Q3 and tentative pricing is around $99 or £60. That's too high, really, as quality 700W PSUs can be purchased for around £80, now.

HIS will also be releasing a monster (regular) 1200W model, suitably dubbed Extreme Power and carrying 80PLUS certification. Quad Radeon HD 2900 XT CrossFire, perhaps?

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Interesting, but it must be better to have a quality main PSU powering the whole system.

Plus I can see why HIS want to get into the PSU market, with the massive amounts of money now apparently available, but they should have begun at the 650-750W area. 1200W, if we are talking about a quality PSU that can supply that amount, is pointless for 99.999% of users. My own PSU is totally overkill at 750W.