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Enermax delivers two 80 PLUS Gold-rated PSUs

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 June 2009, 13:14

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Enermax busted out a few new PSUs and a netbook cooler at COMPUTEX.

This brand-new PSU, part of a 450W-650W range, doesn't have a name yet but will ship with some interesting technology.

Available in modular and non-modular forms, the EDM450/550/650 triumvirate of PSUs are already 80 PLUS Gold-certified, meaning a minimum efficiency of 87 per cent (20 per-cent load), rising to 90 per cent (50 per-cent load). The test report shows an average efficiency of over 89 per cent on the 550W model.

Equipped with Enermax's Magma fan, the new PSUs use what's termed a dynamic hybrid transformer (DHT) that's based on an adapted version of  resonance power conversion, as found in LCDs. The secret sauce is in utilising it for dynamic, ever-changing loads, and Enermax kept mum as to how their PSUs achieve such a high efficiency rating on low-to-mid-range supplies.

We were told that the new range would be available in Europe in Q3 2009, but pricing was conspicuous by its absence.

Got a netbook? Does it run hot? (probably not). Enermax, though, believes that no product should be without auxillary cooling.

The CP002 netbook cooler can take in a 12in netbook - or any small-sized notebook for that matter - and is a cut-down version of the Aeolus CP001.

Packing in a smaller fan, the dual-speed model's powered from your netbook via USB. We expect it to come in at between £15-£20 when launched in a couple of months.

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looks about right for a HTPC then, high efficency at low loads, quiet fan, bobs your uncle.

just need the price now :)