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Microsoft Hardware announces the Touch Mouse

by Parm Mann on 6 January 2011, 16:46

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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We were quietly hoping that Microsoft would use CES as a stage upon which to triumphantly bring Courier back to life. It didn't happen, but the software giant did churn out another new touch-friendly toy; the Microsoft Touch Mouse.

The device - pictured above and not to be confused with the existing Arc Touch Mouse - is a result of the "Mouse 2.0 project" and claims to let people "interact with Windows 7 in a more intuitive way".

Microsoft's referring to the fact that in addition to featuring standard left-and-right clickers, the mouse buttons themselves form a large touch-sensitive surface that's able to track a variety of gestures.

Designed for use with Windows 7, the mouse supports one, two, and three-finger gestures for a variety of Windows shortcuts - including scroll, back and forward, minimise and maximise, aero snap and task switcher. Bundled with a small USB receiver, the mouse communicates on the common 2.4GHz wireless frequency and utilises Microsoft's patented BlueTrack technology for tracking on just about any surface.

Still have doubts about the touch experience in Windows 7? Check out the demo video below, and if you've already made your mind up, head over to Amazon.com where the mouse is up for pre-order at a cost of $79.95 ahead of a June 2011 shipping date. No word on UK availability yet.

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“one could comfortably do everything they're used to with a typical mouse”

Like lifting the left finger up to be able to right click?

And haven't I seen someone else invent one of these before?
Not convinced by this idea tbh. First off it looks quite tiring for the fingers if you think about doing this all day. Plus all those things can be done easily and quickly with a normal mouse that has a few extra buttons and a scroll wheel such as my MX518.
What a blatant copy of magic mouse…
I don't see anything here that would make me want to swap out my current mouse, nor do I think, atm, that I would consider this when it comes to replacing my mouse.
“One can use two fingered gestures to manage Windows”

I've been doing this for years with no effect, am so glad it'll work now.