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Razer teases its forthcoming mouse

by Parm Mann on 28 February 2008, 15:03

Tags: Razer

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Speed of (The) Light?

What exactly is this "Speed of (The) Light" mouse? Well, to be honest, we really don't know and right now, Razer doesn't want to tell.

Instead, the mouse, pictured below in secretive-form, is being teased on promo-website speedofthelight.com.

Razer's secret new mouse

One detail the website does provide is that the mouse will be revealed on March 4th. That as it turns out happens to be the date CeBIT 2008 gets underway, no prizes for guessing where Razer will debut this new device.

So, anybody want to take a guess as to how ridiculously high its DPI rating will be? Or do you think the "Speed of (The) Light" mouse will be packing something else special? I'm hoping for warp-drive engines.

Head on over to speedofthelight.com to see the very quick teaser over and over again.

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Anyone else think that mouse technology as regards DPI has really peaked? Surely anything above say 1600DPI isn't really that noticeable? We need some other innovation with mouse technology now - more DPI is just not cutting the cheese anymore (mouse - cheese - geddit? :D)

/get's coat….
I think the performance potential is already there with the current “mice.” Now they just need to release a mouse which doesn't have so many bugs/problems as the others (check out “razer blueprints”).
I wish they'd stop working on stupidly high dpi, and focus on making the most of wireless mice……i agree that wired dpi mice have peaked - 200dpi, full laser sensor, 1000hz usb polling, ergonomics and extra buttons…..there's nowhere else to go…..

All I want is a Logitech g7 with TWO thumb buttons, like the 2nd version g5, OR a 200dpi mx revolution…..

Plus, this new mouse in the article - its a razer, so itl have all the ergonomics of brick on a wire
Plus, this new mouse in the article - its a razer, so itl have all the ergonomics of brick on a wire

I assume you've never used a Deathadder, the ergonomics are simply brilliant, love mine to bits.
Actually I have - it just feels odd to be honest…