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Acer launches pair of Nitro XF2 Series gaming monitors

by Mark Tyson on 7 August 2019, 11:11

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Acer has launched a pair of new gaming monitors as part of its Nitro XF2 Series. These monitors have a lot in common but vary simply by screen size and pricing. Headline qualities of the Acer Nitro XF2 Series gaming monitors are their 240Hz, FreeSync, 1ms, 1080p, HDR10, TN panels. Thanks to this spec, Acer says that the Nitro XF2 monitors area a great choice for gamers, and multimedia and productivity applications too.

"Boasting a rapid 240Hz refresh rate that shortens frame rendering time and AMD Radeon FreeSync that syncs the monitor's and graphics card's frames, the Nitro XF2 Series are extremely responsive and support stunningly clear and fluid visuals even when the gaming gets frenetic," wrote Acer in a press release. Though some may have reservations about the TN panel, it does offer a 400nit max brightness and 100 million:1 maximum contrast ratio, decent viewing angles, as well as support for HDR 10 content.

  • Screen Mode: Full HD (1080p)
  • Screen Size: 25-inch or 27-inch
  • Response Time: 1 ms GTG
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Horizontal Viewing Angle: 170°
  • Vertical Viewing Angle: 160°
  • Backlight Technology: LED
  • Panel Technology: Twisted Nematic Film (TN Film)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR): HDR 10
  • Standard Refresh Rate: 240 Hz
  • Colour Supported :16.7 Million Colours
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 100,000,000:1
  • Brightness: 400 Nit
  • Tearing Prevention Technology: AMD FreeSync
  • Colour Depth: 8-bit
  • Colour Gamut: 72 per cent NTSC
  • Number of Speakers: 2x 2W
  • Interfaces/Ports: HDMI, 2x USB 3.0, DisplayPort

Additionally these monitors offer flicker-less, blue-light filter, ComfyView and low-dimming technologies to enhance user experiences. Acer Display Widget provides handy adjustments and controls via Windows. As a gaming monitor you will also benefit from Acer Game Mode display settings such as Action, Racing, Sport, User, Standard, ECO, Graphic and Movie.

The supplied stand provides -5 to 20 degree tilt, 360 degree swivel and height adjustment up to 120mm. You can quick-release the monitor from the supplied stand to utilise the VESA wall mounting option.

Acer says the Nitro XF2 Series 25-inch version is available now for $349.99, and the 27-inch screen will arrive later this month for an extra $100.

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Headphone out?
I hate these stupid dynamic contrast ratios. Gives me no idea what the panel is actually like. TN so likely rubbish but I will not even consider a panel which does not give me the real contrast ratio. Marketing idiots sometimes cost sales due to this obsession with high numbers as we all just see through them and wonder what they're covering up.
Isn't 400nit quite low for HDR? Would this just be pseudo HDR?
Isn't 400nit quite low for HDR? Would this just be pseudo HDR?

It'd be the bare minimum for the lowest level of HDR I would say. To be honest, HDR on a TN panel either shows how far TN has come or how meaningless / watered down the definition of HDR has become. Probably a little of both.

I have HDR telly and a HDR monitor. The telly was <£300 and frankly HDR makes very little difference. The monitor was again fairly cheap for anything with HDR (I got it based on overall reviews rather than for the HDR stuff) and, whilst it makes some difference, calibrating it properly to work in HDR mode is a pain and the difference isn't massive.

I think the above proves that if you want HDR that makes a real difference, you need to pay handsomely. In my experience the only thing that does HDR properly is my phone with the OLED screen but I have not ever used the expensive PC displays with proper HDR or expensive HDR tellies. I expect the lower tier of HDR will get slapped onto nearly anything and everything as “HD” did with 720P displays which were actually worse than 1024x768….
Probably £450+ for a 27" 1080p TN panel? They're 'aving a laff!