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SiS672FX IGP the optimum value solution for Vista Premium?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 15 March 2007, 22:01

Tags: SiS (TPE:2363)

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HEXUS @ CeBIT 2007

Popping along to the SiS stand, the company was bullish on the chances of its upcoming core logic revision for LGA775 processors. The SiS672FX supports Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad processors with a maximum 1066MHz FSB (1333MHz to be added later?). Memory support is dual-channel DDR2-667 and, thanks to its Mirage 3+ IGP, SiS is aiming it towards the buyer looking for Vista Premium certification on a budget.

[advert]What's more, the Mirage 3+, a DX9 part, passes Premium certification in single-channel memory access mode. Expect to pay around £45 for retail motherboards that are slated to be launched in 2 months.

The '672FX will, most likely, be paired with SiS' competent '968 southbridge, so it's a strong, if not quite cutting-edge, chipset combination.

We await the Mirage 4, SiS' IGP DX10 part that, according to SiS sources, will consume less than 10W.

HEXUS @ CeBIT 2007

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Looks pretty good for a budget core2 system.

Would be good to see what the onboard vga might score in some of the 3dmark tests :D