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Acer debuts Honeycomb tablet

by Sarah Griffiths on 14 February 2011, 14:11

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Acer has shown off a 10.1 inch tablet called the Iconia Tab A500, which aims to provide a rich multimedia, gaming and web experience.

Of course we expected a lot of tablets to be shown off at MWC and now Acer has debuted its tablet, which runs Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Google's operating system built for tablets, which is also combined with an Acer UI.

The tablet will come pre-loaded with Acer media sharing system, designed to work with the home environment for easy access and sharing content across the home network and to instantly publish updates to social media feeds.

Acer said that the high colour contrast screen allows users to play HD video, while a built-in HDMI port and 1080p output lets people to watch HD content on an HD TV or monitor. It is also built to run HD arcade games and online 3D games using the touchscreen and gyro meter control.

The Iconia Tab is 13.3mm thick and made of aluminium with a "high gloss finish anodizing decorated with laser engraved textures demonstrates subtle sophistication" - ooh ah.

Inside, it boasts a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPU, which claims to deliver twice as fast web browsing as well as great graphics for HD viewing and gaming. Acer also said the tablet offers multimedia playback anywhere as it has an ultra low-power NVIDIA GeForce GPU with Flash 10.1 support.

The tablet has multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth 2.1 plus a 5MP rear-facing camera and HD front-facing camera for video chat and pictures.

Available from April, there is no price for the new tablet as yet, but here are a couple of images of Acer's Iconia Tab.



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Ooh shiny :D

Too late for me though :(