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OLPC unveils ambitious XO-3 tablet PC

by Parm Mann on 23 December 2009, 12:51

Tags: OLPC

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This is what I intend to have for a girlfriend in 2012, notice the physically attractive nature.

I think I have more chance of obtaining that than the OLPC have their goal.

calling in an airstrike?

calling in an airstrike?

he's not planning an airstrike, he's finding the place where it would have the most drastic effect if they nuke it.
Even if it's hopelessly ambitious to provide a sub $100 almost-indestructible-touchscreen-laptop to every child in the world, they are certainly pushing the boundaries. When I was growing up we had a crappy analogue TV with no remote, where it had discrete buttons for each channel.

The future is certainly here whether we have realised it or not. A computer in everyone's pocket, instead of schoolbooks, instead of radios/tv/friends…