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Sony teases game-changing VAIO for CES 2009

by Parm Mann on 22 December 2008, 10:39

Tags: Sony Laptops, Sony (NYSE:SNE)

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Regardless of the economic gloom, all the big names are preparing themselves for the year's hottest electronics show in Vegas next month.

CES 2009 is just 17 days away, and the usual suspects are beginning to tease products that - to quote Apple - will "change everything".

One of the first up is Sony, and via a solitary page on its New Zealand website, it tells us to expect a "revolutionary new VAIO" that will "change the way you look at laptops. forever".

A Sony netbook, perhaps? It's a guessing game right now, but Sony seems to be building up the type of hype that's difficult to live up to.

Following our exhaustive coverage of CES 2008, we'll be back in Vegas next month so stay tuned to find out if Sony's new VAIO changes everything or anything.

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This had better be more than just a netbook with this kind of hype