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JoinTech serves up cheapest, most useless, netbook of them all

by Parm Mann on 28 July 2008, 10:10

Tags: Netbooks

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We might have liked MSI's Wind netbook, but the price on many of these ultra-portable devices is still a little too high for most, and infringes on full-size laptop territory.

Well than, take a look at this cheap-as-chips solution from JoinTech. It's called the J-Pro Mini Laptop, and it has two distinct features; a super-low pricetag of $99 and a super-low-end specification.

The machine features a Samsung chipset, and runs Windows CE 5.0 as its operating system. There's just 64MiB of RAM, and a ridiculously low 64MiB of storage, though, that can be extended by an external USB stick.

The J-Pro's 7in screen offers a simple 800x480 resolution and the device will be available in black, pink, white and blue colours.

It's far too low-powered for most purposes, but what do you expect for $99? We think we'll keep waiting for Eee and Wind prices to drop.

Official product page:

HEXUS Forums :: 13 Comments

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I think you're being far too quick to criticise this innovative device - it's light, has good battery life and looks ideal for mobile email and web surfing - the manufacturers website also promises WiFi as an add-on - and at that price, it looks like a great deal. Just the sort of thing to take on holiday, and no need to worry if it gets lost along with the rest of your luggage!
I think my concern would be what can this netbook do that most mobile phones can't?

It's a device of netbook proportions, but I personally think it offers phone-like functionality and its size is therefore a bit of a waste?

You're right though greenalien, there's little need to worry if this one is lost with the luggage.
The screen grabs show XP, which is clearly wrong.

And it only has a word viewer, not the “full” version that you should be getting. So it's totally useless as a mobile word processor.

I agree, it may be only $99 but it's next to useless, as lets face it even the CE IE is a pile of steaming…
Oh dear, there seems to be a mass attack of lack of reading here.

Sorry Hexus but this IS a worthwhile device. £60 or $99 is pretty good for an internet browsing sorta device. Its certainly not without use. I'd buy this for my kids as if they trash it I would not need to get as upset as I would if they trash a £500 laptop. I support Greenalien's comments.

“I think my concern would be what can this netbook do that most mobile phones can't?” - find me a mobile phone with a keyboard and a 7“ screen.

”So it's totally useless as a mobile word processor" - if you go to the company's website they have the manual for download as well as the specs. Sure, Word viewer but there is Word pad which is acceptable as a BASIC word processor.

For the price I think this is a great device. Certainly its closer to the original Eee ethos of cheap n cheerful and basic functional. The netbook market is gradually creeping up in price and down in appeal in my opinion!
Speaking as someone who's had the unpleasant experience of using Windows Mobile 2003, which is pretty close to Windows CE 5.0, I think it will suckety-suck. But then it is cheapety-cheap. If it has a decent browser it might reach the level of “painfully adequate” but if it's stuck with an old version of Pocket IE it will be dreadful.