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Toshiba's lightweight Dynabook features unreleased AMD Puma technology

by Tarinder Sandhu on 2 June 2008, 11:29

Tags: Toshiba (TYO:6502)

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Common sense tells us that AMD's Puma notebook platform will be based on the desktop 780G model. As such, it'll pack in a DX10-compliant GPU right on to the chipset, which'll offer decent 3D gaming performance and a helping hand with decoding high-definition content, usually from Blu-ray titles, amongst other desirable attributes.

AMD reckons it's raked in over 100 design wins for Puma, and we managed to snag a picture of Toshiba's upcoming Puma-powered, lightweight Dynabook before AMD heavies took it away. After all, the platform hasn't even been released yet.

The svelte machine doesn't have much room for a discrete mobile graphics card, and that's why Puma's integrated GPU, Radeon HD 3200, makes sense.


A look at Device Manager reveals all. Puma will be based around the Turion Ultra X2 dual-core CPU - which appears to be pretty much performance-identical to the incumbent Turion 64 X2 - and Radeon HD 3200 graphics.

The WEI score of 3.8 is impressive for a thin-and-light laptop that features integrated graphics.

Add in a solid-state drive and the Dynabook becomes a formidable notebook in the thin-and-light space.

Puma, then, seems to have legs, and we'll be spotting a greater number of models, of various sizes, as the show progresses.

Stay tuned for more Puma coverage.

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