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ATI Gemini spawns a triplet with 'tri-fire'

by Willy Deeplung on 15 September 2007, 11:33

Tags: ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD)

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At the beginning of September, Tarinder brought HEXUS readers the full tin o' beanz on GeCube's dual-2600XT graphic boards utilising ATI's Gemini Technology.

HEXUS can confirm that a long-forgotten project to bring 3 GPUs into the land of affordability has been rejuvenated back at Ruby's HQ.

While the CrossFire team pursued the goal of getting 2 GPUs to work together in an attempt to challenge SLi, the company's chipset teams were wondering how they could get in on the act and help utilise whatever pixel-processing power was available on the mainboard to help boost not only general graphics, but - more importantly - benchmarks.

The problem has been that ATI's IGP (integrated graphics) solutions have been lagging one generation behind the graphic cards themselves.

Having SM3 on the card and only SM2 on-board means major driver woes. You can't share a workload over different paths.

Now that ATI's IGP teams are on schedule to release a DX10.1 integrated part in time for a New Year's Celebration, the driver team is stepping-up to the plate in order to deliver a solution that will allow the (albeit smaller) 2400 chip in the northbridge to share some of the workload.

Given that ATI now seems confident of delivering solutions with 1, 2, 3 and 4 GPUs working in tandem... the only questions remaining are "Will a pair of Gemini boards be able to work in tandem with an on-board 2400 GPU
to give the user QUIN-FIRE ?"...

...and will nVidia beat them to the punch with the all-important SEX-FIRE?

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Sex-Fire? The marketing droids seem to be getting carried away.
Hmmmm, sex-fir? First time I heard those two words together like that. Even more so in the IT world. :confused:
Isn't that what you get if you rub two boy scouts together?
…what you get if you rub…
You probably also get prison…